Back to the grind


Back to school… gotta go to bed on time, it’s a school night!  Gotta do my homework, it’s due tomorrow!

I don’t mind, accept for this pre-calculus stuff. Jim! I am a web designer, not a mathematician!

Anyway, while I am learning, I am fixing a web site for a real customer.  It is for a charity so I am doing the work gratis, mainly for the experience.  How odd that when you log into a customer’s web site, you immediately forget everything you know.  That’s okay though, it all comes back pretty quickly.  The company is a start-up women’s shelter and counseling organization.  The ladies behind this worthwhile organization are not really tech-savvy so not only will I update their website, I will assist them with starting up a Facebook page, Twitter, a WordPress blog, and fixing up their Go Fund Me page.

What a perfect starter client!  This is exactly what I want to do when I am all done with my education and able to start up on my own.  I am excited about the opportunity!


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