The ‘finals’ lap…

Heading into the ‘finals lap’ next week, stretching to the tape.

I am learning something about myself going to school.  I am good at math.  I never, ever thought those words would come out through my fingers and onto the keyboard.

Growing up, girls were never encouraged to excel at subjects normally thought of as in the boys’ realm: math, science, shop.  We were raised to be nurturers, school teachers, and mothers.  We took English literature and home economics.  I think I would have loved shop!  But another downside is that I was convinced I was not good at math and society was not ready to disabuse me of that notion.  Okay, I could have taken matters into my own hands and really buckled down to work at it but, at the time, I did not think I needed it.

When I found out I had mandatory math to get my associates in Web Development, I momentarily felt that cold pit of fear in my stomach.  I cannot do it, I thought.  I am going to fail and humiliate myself.  I amazed myself when I found that through paying attention, studying, doing my homework, and asking questions in class, not only could I do it, I found I was actually good at it!  How unexpected!  How fantastic!


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